Preservation engages the past

in a conversation with the present

over a mutual concern for the future.


About Us

Brown County Trust for Historic Preservation

About Us

We Believe. 

We believe that the preservation of the built environment imparts a valuable sense of community and is a key component in sustaining the economic value of our area.

The cultural and historic resources of a community tell a story of its past. The resources provide citizens with a tangible connection to persons and events that have shaped both our local communities and us. Preserving these physical reminders of our past creates a sense of place, the end result being an environment that instills civic pride, community spirit, and sustainability.

Increasingly, preservation is recognized as a tool for economic development. Recent studies demonstrate that preservation is a powerful economic engine helping to create jobs, increase tax revenues, raise property values, and encourage community reinvestment. Historic preservation is not about nostalgia; rather it is a forward-looking economic development and community revitalization strategy.

We believe that Brown County should have a positive preservation this, and that local governments should create policies that provide incentives for the continued viability and conservation of our important historic places.

Our Mission

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